Danaye's Daily Dose for Tuesday, April 27th


Two Alberta areas hit hard by COVID19 are asking the government for help. Both Wood Buffalo (Fort Mac) and Banff have the highest transmission rates in the province and the leaders of those communities are requesting more vaccines be made available. Banff says nearly half of their population are between the ages of 18-40, while working in industries with a lot of exposure risk and are calling for vaccine eligibility to be expanded.



COVID19 vaccines are being rolled out to one major industry. The Alberta Government announced 15,000 meat packing plant employees across the province will be given direct access to a vaccine.



A crazy scene in the NW yesterday. An ambulance with it’s lights and sirens on was hit by a pickup truck on Country Hills Blvd at Shaganappi Trail. Luckily there wasn’t a patient in the back of the ambulance and even though the emergency vehicle was knocked on it’s side, no one was seriously hurt.




A Calgary woman might just be the luckiest person in the city after she won the lottery TWICE. Kerri-Lynn Crouch won $100,000 in December in the Western Max draw. Than in February, it happened all over again! She says she completely shocked and will be using her winnings to do some house renovations! 



It's Lizzo's birthday today, but she's the one giving US a gift. She's sharing more details about her chat with Chris Evans. She slid into his DM's and not only did he respond to her, but it looks like they've actually been chatting. When she apologized for sending him a drunken message, he responded saying "No Shame in a drunk DM god knows I've done worse on this app lol", to which she replied "Well they say u miss 100% of the shots you never take. I'm glad you know I exist" TO WHICH HE RESPONDED "Of course I do! I'm a fan! Keep up the good work!" AAHHHH!! And now we just want them to get together and get married. GO LIZZO! 





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