Danaye's Daily Dose for Wednesday, October 13th

A teenager has died from COVID19 in Alberta. A 14 year old boy has become the youngest person in the province to pass away from the virus. COVID numbers are down in the province, with 15000 active cases.




The province has finally rolled out a QR code scanning system for proof of vaccination. Anyone can download the app for free and businesses are able to scan the QR code of any customer and a green check mark will verify vaccination status. Here’s the link to download.

And if you haven’t grabbed your QR code yet, head here. As of November 15th, it will be the only way to verify someone’s vaccine status.



Calgary has made it to the list of Top 100 city’s the world and actually made it to the top half! We come in at #49 with the report saying that while Alberta is going through some tough economic times, Calgary offers a good quality of life. If you're gearing up for the Battle of Alberta to get under way this weekend with the Flames meeting the Oilers for the first time and need another point for your heckling, Edmonton places #86 on the list. Check out the whole article here.


A woman in Golden, BC is sharing about the scariest moment of her life. She was asleep last week when she woke to the sound of something crashing through her ceiling and feeling debris on her face. She turned on the light find a hole in the ceiling and a rock in her bed. Initially it was thought to be a rock from a nearby construction site...BUT IT TURNS OUT IT WAS A FREAKING METEOR! Apart from being shaken up, the woman says she avoided any injuries, but thanks to her, we all now have a new very RATIONAL fear about meteors crashing through our houses!