Deerfoot City Has A Skating Rink This Holiday Season!

Friend, you can always count on Deerfoot City to do something super unique, cool and topical for our community. This past summer they had lots of cool art installments and showcases for us with their block party and now, for winter time they just put a really cute holiday themed ice skating rink! Now obviously this is gonna be packed all the time so luckily it’s running till February for you to have a chance to lace your skates up and get your shop on. Just make sure that you do schedule in a time if you do want to go. The best part you might ask… isn’t it obvious? You can get some shopping in while you wait for your skate time.

Maybe you go before holiday season, get some holiday gifts for the ones you love, grab a little snack at the food court or a shake at ReGrub (cause it’s never too cold for a shake let’s get real) then you cap it all off with a cute little skate date, sounds like a pretty solid time to me. So here’s to your Deerfoot City skating experience and hopefully you get to try it at least once this season!