Deerfoot City Is Having A Massive Art Block Party!


YYC! You’re gonna wanna check this out cause if there’s anything we LOVE and are so great at here, its art! We have so much amazing art around the city so why not add more, right?! Get this, Deerfoot City is going to be opening a really rad socially distanced art installation tomorrow and basically they are just turning the boulevards into a giant canvas! They’re going to have bold colors and rad designs all over the ground at Deerfoot City.

Deerfoot City posted that the “Block Party, an art installation and patio space created by four local artists including a 200ft roadway mural, outdoor lawn games and interactive art seating….vibrant, accessible, and safe community space where Calgarians can engage with outdoor public art and one another while socially distancing…and will be accompanied by art adorned picnic tables, umbrellas and benches that meet Alberta Health Guidelines for spacing and cleaning protocols.”

Apparently they’ll have food vendors and of course the shopping we all know and love there and this event actually goes on till September 26th so if you can’t swing by tomorrow, no sweat there’s still tons of time to check it out!

If you’re scoping it out make sure you hit up their hashtag #YYCblockparty and tag @destinationdeerfootcity on Instagram!