Disney And Pixar Put Out The Trailer For Soul.


Disney and Pixar are back! It seems like when they team up they can truly do no wrong. Almost every movie they make is a hit. This next movie looks like it will make us cry. It’s called Soul and already the trailer is giving us chills. Not any is the trailer inspiring they also have a song by the band AJR in the background. Probably one of my favourite bands right now! They have worked so hard to push their band into the spotlight. The song teamed with the trailer is enough to bring a tear to your eyes. Soul is about doing what you’re passionate about and what truly makes you happy. It kind of looks like the movie Inside Out, either way can’t wait to see what this movie has instore for us. Now that Disney is coming out with their own streaming service I won’t be surprised if instead of releasing movies like this in theatre that they will just go straight onto the streaming service. Soon we will have to have three different services just to watch everything. It’s an exciting time to be an avid movie fan. At your fingertips you have 100’s of movies and shows WHEN ever you want. Thank you Pixar for EVERYTHING you have given us over the years. You and Disney have literally shaped our childhood. We have learned so much from your movies over the years. We learned how to treat each other, how to work as a team and how to be happy. These are not just movies to us they are memories. Each movie will bring back a memory of when we first saw it. Never will I forget when I had my birthday at Finding Nemo. So please keep making movies Pixar and keep making memories.