DJ Khaled and Fat Joe Are Starting An Only Fans Account


By now you’ve probably heard of a site that’s very popular to the point where the humans of Tik Tok were making videos about it and the cash that they’re making off of it, OnlyFans. Now if you don’t know what OnlyFans is I can only suggest to you that you look it up because Google is free and how could you not know what the most talked about site in the world currently is. BUT DJ Khaled and Fat Joe have actually hopped on the OF train and got a joint account. Now I know your mind is going somewhere with some questions and curiosity HOWEVER, it’s not what you think.  DJ Khaled and Fat Joe want to start the account to promote positivity “let’s be super clear we here only to motivate inspire and spread positive vibes only. THE LIGHT!” Apparently the account is going to be Fat Joe and DJ Khaled doing things like playing basketball, dining, hanging out in the studio with special guests, basically just a behind the scenes look into their life while they spread this positivity. DJ Khaled also said that “we’ll be sharing content that’s not anywhere else….it’s the light.” Fat Joe also said that they “wanted to create a community that’s full of positivity and hypes each other up! We want to get to know our actual fans.” You can subscribe for a cool $20 a month and content is going to start being pushed out next week on January 25th.


To be honest this sounds really commendable of them. It’ll be interesting to see how it pops off on a platform that isn’t typically built for this type of content but if anyone can make lemonade out of lemons, it’s DJ Khaled *thinks of how much money he’s made off just screaming his name at the beginning of songs he’s produced.*