Dunkaroos Are Coming Back Summer 2020


I honestly truly am ashamed to admit this. I had no idea Dunkaroos even LEFT.

Are you with me on this? They were so popular, especially if you were born in the 90’s. Everyone at school had them in their lunch, and there were so many different flavors. I bet, as you read this, you can taste your favorite one even if it isn’t voluntary. Off the top of my head, I remember there being chocolate, vanilla, rainbow… was there strawberry too? I think I made that last one up. Either way, they were the best.

You know the feeling you used to get when your mom put Dunkaroos in your lunch, right? I know there’s some people reading this saying “my mom never gave me Dunkaroos cause she cares about my health” which is like, super nice of your mom. But also, she must not care about your taste buds (I’m kidding, calm down). But, you’d pull them out and rattle them around and everyone around you knew about the tasty journey you were about to embark on. Sometimes I’d use only a little bit of icing on each cookie and scoop the last bit up with my finger and lick it off. Ew, I’m smiling as I write this and it’s honestly incredibly creepy.

Either way, the point is after that extremely vivid explanation, that despite you thinking you were being a good adult by not buying Dunkaroos lately, it wasn’t because of your incredible self-restraint, but because they weren’t around anymore, which won’t be the case as of summer 2020. If you saw the mysterious Instagram posts from Dunkaroos last week, you may have been expecting this all along.


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Happy snacking, my friend. I hope it tastes as magical now as it once did. I also hope they have a gluten and dairy free version (only ‘cause it’s 2020, so they kind of have to).