FBOY Island Is The Summer Show You Don't Want To Miss!


Okay let’s get real I think most of us have been burnt by someone whose the definition of an “F Boy” you know…the person who acts like they really care and gets you to catch feelings, you get invested in them and even get a bit intimate then BAM you find out after you’ve hooked up that’s all they wanted or that you aren’t the only person they’re spending time with/dating. Well my friend, cue HBO Max’s new reality show, FBOY Island where they take 3 single women and 24 guys where 12 of which are actual nice guys and 12 are “F boys” and the girls  have to figure out who is what. Kind of an interesting premise for a show BUT of course there’s also a twist that involves money. Everyone also has a chance to win $100,000 and some of the boys have admitted they’re just on the island for the money NOT love at all. It sounds like a really wild ride and you know it’s going to make for good television. So if you want a show that’s going to turn your brain into a mash potato for an hour or so FBOY Island might be the show for you. It premieres on July 29 only on HBO Max but you can check out the trailer here!