Forever 21 Has Officially Kicked Off Liquidation Sales


If you’re a resident in Calgary, AB you know the struggle of getting dressed every morning. You also know that if you don’t check the weather first, you may be screwed. Only because today it’s snowing and tomorrow it might be +20 and you could be wearing shorts and sunscreen. If Calgary weather does anything, though, it’s make you yell “I NEED MORE CLOTHES” every single time you get up and put your clothes on… but your bank account doesn’t always allow you the luxury of shopping whenever you feel like it.

This is where I come in… to let you know that the clearance sales across the board for Forever 21 have begun before the chain closes all of its Canadian stores at the end of the year. Yes, long term, this will be sad… but right now our sadness is blinded by good deals and we are absolutely okay with that, aren’t we? The nationwide sale begins today, and is set to go until November 30th, but I have more faith in us than to think there will be anything left on those shelves by the end of this, which is why they have also left those dates open to interpretation.

There are 44 Canadian stores that will be closing down, which means that about 2,000 people will be losing their jobs, so as much as we like to celebrate sales and good deals, we do need to keep those people in mind as well, especially while we are frantically swiping through the racks at the mall trying to find the best stuff over the next few weeks.

I know it’s commonly said that “it’s called Forever 21 for a reason… it’s for people 21 and under” which may be true if you’re shopping in the crop top section – but even if you’re on the hunt for a Halloween costume, it’ll be a lot cheaper to do your shopping there, as opposed to one of those mainstream Halloween stores.

Happy shopping, my ladies.

And Forever 21… I bid you adieu.