Forever 21 Locations Are Making Their Way Back to Canada


I don’t know if you remember the devastating blow that was the news that Forever 21 retail stores were going to be closing all across Canada when they declared bankruptcy. If you’re like me, you love yourself an amazing deal, and Forever 21 was always a one stop shop for the most banging deals that ever existed. Like seriously. It was the one stop shop for everything. Whether it was a night out at the bar, a baby shower, a gender reveal, a bachelorette party, heck even a wedding… hey you know what? Even a funeral could’ve been styled by Forever 21 (and I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done that if I’m being honest).

For all of these reasons and many more, it was extremely sad for us to hear that Forever 21 wouldn’t be as easily accessible to us as it once was. Good news followed not so long after when they migrated their sales to an online store, which meant we didn’t have to say good bye forever (but we would have to pay shipping fees and miss out on the instant gratification of actually walking into and out of the store with something new within minutes).

It seems that Canadians went without forever 21 for long enough… or maybe their online shop kept afloat so well that they had no choice but to pop back up right here in the truth north strong and free.

Unfortunately as of yet, there are no plans for Forever 21 to open up shop here in Calgary, or anywhere in this province for that matter… but according to sources, they’ll be opening in Vancouver and Windsor. If you want more smoking hot details, you can click HERE to learn more.

Happy shopping, friends!