I know we’re all bummed out missing Stampede BUT we still get to keep our pancake and beer game strong thanks to Free House! They’ve created a really great experience for us called The Free House Corral and it’s going to include free pancake breakfasts every day (until the batter runs out) from July 3rd- July 12th and the BEST part about that is you can pair your pancakes with some amazing craft beers! And that’s only tip of the iceberg my friend cause they are also going to have country music, want you to dress your Stampede best and have a YEE-HAWIN’ good time.

Now maybe pancakes isn’t your jam for some reason, all good The Free House Corral is also going to have a Midway Takeout Popup with tons of your favorite treats! Now different dates have different snacks so here’s the full list of what you can cop during the July 3rd -11th popup:

July 3rd- Corn on a Stick

July 4th- Cotton Candy

July 5th- Fresh Lemonade

July 6th – Chili Dogs

July 7th- Corn Dogs

July 8th- Fritters

July 9th- Pizza by the Slice

July 10th- Kettle Corn

July 11th- Fresh Lemonade

Now mark these down on your calendar because it’s only going on for limited hours between 3-6pm so you KNOW the lineup is going to get wild pretty quick.

OH! And how could we forget about the pig roast that’s going to wrap up this awesome event. July 12th you can get yourself a plate for $49.95 that is going to include all the sides, fixings, dessert, some of that spit roasted pig and to top it off…an orange cinnamon old fashioned! Free House has truly thought of everything for this event. #Stampedeisntcancelled