‘Friends’ Will Be Taken Off Of Netflix At Midnight


*Sings I’ll Be There For You internally until the end of time*

How sad is this news?!

I mean, entering a new decade is the coolest thing ever. I know time is essentially a made up concept and you can only buy into the “new year” and “new decade” stuff as much as you’re willing to, but either way it’s always an exciting time when you are given an opportunity for a new beginning.

We all have New Year’s Resolutions that can be somewhat unattainable depending what they are and how much time and effort you’re willing to put into them. I have good news for you, though. If you want to look at this as a “cup half full” kind of situation… this is perfect. You should make your New Year’s Resolution to stop watching ‘Friends’ on Netflix, and you’ll have no choice but to oblige because as of midnight (or at some point on January 1 to say the least) ‘Friends’ will be removed from the streaming service for the foreseeable future.



This story came out a while ago, but we all scoffed at it thinking that 2020 was too far away to have to worry about this just yet. Alas, the day has come that we have to find another show to watch over and over again. If I remember correctly, Netflix lost their rights to ‘Friends’ but it should be uploaded on HBO max at some point or another… which is just another streaming service we’ll have to pay for to hang out with some of our favorite people.

It’s going to be a little hard to get used to, not going to lie. The ability to hang with Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel and Phoebe at any given moment has been an absolute blessing, and we will miss it terribly. We can only hope that Netflix comes around soon and allows us to have it back.

*cue end of the theme song*