Google Puts Out A Video For International Woman's Day

Woman's Day

It’s International Womans Day! And to celebrate Google made an amazing video for this great day. Make sure you tell all the inspiring women in your life that you appreciate them and thank them for everything they do. I would be nowhere in life if it wasn’t for the incredible women in my life. My mom taught me to never give up and keep dreaming. So a couple of years ago I took the leap to move to a small town here in Alberta. I didn’t know anyone and brought nothing but one suit case and a backpack. Since then I’ve moved twice and every town / city I’ve moved to there has been a group of incredible women who have helped me through this journey. They have taken me in during their family dinners when I’m alone on holidays, they have helped get my furniture and most importantly they have helped me feel at home where ever I was. Thank you to all the amazing women that make this world great.