Grey’s Anatomy Is Returning to Production After All This Time


If you’re anything like me, you’re a little torn with TV and movies these days. You’re kind of like… okay this is unrealistic because they’re living in a world where you can just walk around without a mask, and travel and fly places and hug each other and stand in crowds with no consequence. After living in this new world, watching shows that don’t portray the current social climate almost makes you feel un easy because the whole time you’re at the edge of your seat wanting to yell “WASH YOUR HANDS” or “YOU CAN’T GO TO ITALY”

Now, in some shows it would be weird if the cast members had to wear masks and deal with COVID protocols all the time… but in Grey’s anatomy, it’s different. They’re already all wearing masks and surgical gear, and they work in a hospital – so like, if they don’t touch on the pandemic it may be weird, but at the same time it would be nice to use one of our favorite shows as a break from reality. I feel like hearing Meridith Grey say “COVID 19” out loud would be weirdly epic, though.



Either way, this pandemic put a pause on basically every good thing in life, and now that things are starting to come back… I’m super stoked to be able to say that Grey’s Anatomy is making a comeback, too. I know it’ll take quite some time to get the episodes to air, but just knowing that we have this to look forward to really changes the game.

Get ready to wear your masks and watch Grey’s Anatomy, since you basically are a cast member after all you’ve been through. I’m going to start calling you McDreamy… just for fun.