Gwenyth Paltrow’s ‘Vagina Scented Candle’ Has Exploded in Someone’s Home


Okay 2021… that’s nearly enough!

I am all about the empowerment of females in all of their glory and also all of their parts. I mean I don’t want to get to graphic or anything but the parts of a female I think we can all agree are a beautiful thing. This isn’t  trying to discount men, either. We’ve all got some fun stuff going on, but I know sometimes it’s hard as a woman to find empowerment when talking about or thinking of your own body, so my point is, all bodies are beautiful… every part of them.

Gwenyth Paltrow is very clearly an advocate of this and all you have to do is look at this one particular candle. I feel like her “goop” line is decently well known and widely talked about, a lot of the reason being that some of the products are downright bizarre… her vagina scented candle being one of them.



So she put this candle out a while ago, it costs like $75 and apparently smells like her…. Part. Which is fine I mean if you have the funds to make this happen, why not? People actually bought it too… talk about star power. Either way the point is that someone purchased this candle and it like exploded in their home. Like literally not figuratively, exploded. Which is dangerous.

I know a ton of jokes can be made about this, none of which I can talk about without probably losing my job so I’m gonna leave the humor up to you in this particular situation…. But I guess it’s safe to say that her parts should come with a warning. But also, same… so I get it!

See I slipped a little joke in there. Have a good day.