Heinz Ketchup Production Is Coming Back To Canada!


If you don’t drench your potato based foods, mac and cheese or anything else starchy for that matter in ketchup, you’re doing it wrong. And most of us would agree because apparently there has been an “unprecedented demand for Heinz ketchup across North America.” Which is why after 6 years of production halt in Ontario, Heinz is making a comeback to production in Canada. But check this out, Av Maharaj, chief administrative officer at Kraft Heinz Canada, said  “the company will start producing Heinz ketchup …pumping out the equivalent of 13 million one-litre bottles each year starting in 2021.” Now I know this isn’t a legit unit of measurement but holy smokes…that’s a booty ton of ketchup!

It looks like Heinz is going to take out a loan to make this happen though- approximately $2 million of the total $17-million that it’s going to cost to add a ketchup production line at the Kraft Heinz factory in Quebec. Point is, Canada… we better be eatin’ a lot of ketchup to make this work after getting out precious Heinz back. Put that stuff on fries, shepherds pie, burgers, pasta, donairs, just on absolutely everything.

A bottle of the stuff might even be a solid holiday gift ;)