Help Save 1886 Buffalo Cafe!


I’ve got some sad news to tell you about, YYC. It looks like after 40 years of business our city is not going to renew the lease on the historical site, the 1886 Buffalo Cafe.  This is definitely heart breaking to hear because the café is saying that they weren’t given a chance to discuss the lease which is heartbreaking to hear, especially since it’s a piece of YYC history.  If you’ve been there you know it’s in Eau Claire Market and a small family business serving Calgarians a solid breakfast! Obviously there’s never a good time for news like this but it’s especially heart breaking to hear when it happens to such a historical place that also happens to be a small family run business.  The cafe is not ready to give up though; YYC they need our help. So they’re asking for a couple things from us if possible.

  1. If you’d like to write to Mayor Nenshi about your support for the cafe they have a document that is already able to be forwarded to city council on their Instagram.
  2. They actually have a petition you can sign which already has over 1,300 signatures! You can find it here!
  3. They’re also asking for any suggestions we have as a community to help.
  4. To share their Instagram post and any information about this to get the word out to more people.

They’d really love to stay in this location and would appreciate any support and help to keep serving us breakfast from this adorable little piece of history. If you’d like to scope out more of the story you can check out their Instagram page, 1886buffalocafe.