Here Are Some Great Resources Off The Heels Of Blue Monday

beat the stigma

Today is a day that people say is the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday. Here's the thing, depression, sadness, Seasonal Affective Disorder or mental illness is always there. Not just one specific day and it’s really real for a lot of us. Depression and sadness don’t look one way. Some people can wake up and go to work and not skip a beat. Some people need to stay in bed with the blinds shut days on end. Humans go through sh*t and we are allowed to. So while it’s great to say “let’s book a flight cause it’s Blue Monday” I’m suggesting we create spaces for people to talk about these hard to deal with thoughts and feelings! So here’s my invitation to you, if you ever need an ear, I am always here. Or here are some great options in YYC for you if you ever need to talk. And remember, your feelings are valid, you are not alone.

Canadian Mental Health Association - Calgary Region (403) 297-1700

Alberta Health Services (403) 266-HELP (4357)

  • Youth Addiction and Mental Health - Help4Me

Calgary Counselling Centre offers counselling on a sliding scale-