Here's How You Can Get FREE Counselling From Psychologists Right Now


I know there have been a lot of different struggles going on with COVID-19 and how to cope with our thoughts, feelings and actions. I recently found out that the Psychologist Association of Alberta has an AMAZING resource right now for Albertans who are trying to cope, maybe missing their therapy appointments because of social distancing or have lost their benefits from being laid off. I want you to know that you are not alone and you can receive pro-bono support from volunteer psychologists for up to 3 sessions.

To access that service you can contact the Psychologist Association of Alberta at:

(780)424-0294 OR Toll Free at 1-888-424-0297


And remember, you are not alone. Everything you feel is valid and is heard. Please take advantage of this service and the amazing volunteer psychologists who are offering their time for it.