Here's Some Potential Plans For Your Polar Vortex Filled Weekend


Okay we get it, we’re stuck inside with not a ton to do because we’re in the middle of a Pandemmy (I hate that I just said that) and now as restrictions are slowly getting lifted a flippin’ polar vortex is gonna hit YYC. Fun. So I thought it would be worth all our whiles to make a list with some suggestions of things we could all do this weekend that are socially distanced but keep us a little toasty.

  • Super Bowl Sunday

Now you don’t have to like the Super Bowl to partake in the events that truly make it enjoyable. Like please go enjoy a 6 pack of First Crush White IPA from Trolley 5 for only $12. Or what about Home&Away offering a massive platter of goods that comes with 2 pizzas, wings or crispy cauliflower, tots a full Caesar salad and a 12 pack of Bud for only $99. Uhhh…yes please sign me up. Tons of places in town have deals going on this Super Bowl weekend so stay in, support local and unbutton your pants to make some room.

  • Netflix or Crave!

I know we’ve probably burnt through tons of shows already however new shows have been added to both these streaming services this past week as well as this weekend so stream on, nerd!

  • ZOOM Beer Pong

Yes, you heard me right. Why don’t you get 12 red solo cups, set them up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, toss some of that adult bevy in your cup and then take your table and push it up against a wall, set your friend up (your phone) on the side of the table that’s against the wall like you’re playing against them, put the cups by their face where the phone is and then stand on the other side of the table and proceed to play pong “with them”. Not the worst idea, right?

  • YouTube Tours!

So I’ve done a couple of these and they’re actually really fun. I’ve virtually gone to Disneyland via YouTube, done museum tours and even gone around the world from the comfort of my couch.


Hopefully this gives you a couple ideas on what you can get into since it’s gonna be a hella chilly one. Otherwise, I hope the Cheeto dust doesn’t stain your shirt too bad this weekend :).