Hey Movie Buffs! The Heart Shaped Jacuzzi From Dumb & Dumber Is For Sale In BC!


K this one is for the millenials who else grew up on this movie?? I don't know if it's because I had 3 older brothers but I was OBSESSED with Dumb & DUmber and still have all the lines burned into my memory, maybe that's why I was so excited to see this haha. 

the sellers write : This hot-tub / bath tub / jacuzzi was the one used on the 1994 movie set of Dumb and Dumber. This iconic piece of movie memorabilia is in perfect structural condition and near-perfect cosmetic condition, and hasn't been used since the movie.

We acquired it in 1995 from the Northwest plumbing fixture company that rented it to the film production company. We thought it would be good for a honeymoon suite with its history and looks. We were renovating a large Bed & Breakfast in Victoria at the time, but we never did install it due to changing circumstances. It has sat in a 40ft container all these years and is still in excellent condition. We will not be installing it after all as we are now downsizing.