High School Musical Just Turned 15 Years Old



Instead of starting this off with “how old do you feel finding this out?!” let’s take a more positive angle on it and rather ask “how lucky do you feel that you’re alive in a time that High School Musical exists?” Like, the fact that we get serotonin in the form of a movie is a blessing that we can watch over and over again for quite literally the rest of our lives.

Of course that though floats through your brain… the one that says “how has it been fifteen years since I was parading around my parent’s living room singing ‘Breaking Free’ and making up dances to show the class in grade school? I know, it’s just another testament that stands true to the age old saying “time flies”. It really really does. I hate to say it, but it’s true.

Here’s the thing though… times are a little glum. I know the word glum is kind of funny so I hope it made you laugh in the midst of the relatively sad and overwhelming thought that is the world right now. But, I do have a piece of advice for you. As a part of my radio show today, I aired a little clip of the song “Breaking Free’ and it truly made my heart bounce around as though nothing else was possibly wrong. It was not just a song, but rather an experience. You have to do this today to celebrate such a meaningful anniversary, promise?

So here it is, I’ll put it right here for you. Make sure you play this loud on a speaker or loud in your headphones and enjoy every single second of it, because you my dear deserve nothing less.