How To Help Someone Sleeping In The Extreme Weather This Weekend


We know that Hades is supposed to freeze over YYC this weekend. That’s no surprise. But while you’re worrying about bundling up yourself or which Netflix doc you’re going to watch all day Saturday and Sunday I want you to think about the others who are stuck outside in the cold during these hard times. Unfortunately there’s going to be a lot of people stuck outside this weekend and they WILL need help. So here are a couple of things you can do when you see someone who needs a safe space from the cold or needs a helping hand.

  1. Call 211 or the DOAP team. They arrive really quickly and are always there to help. The DOAP Encampment Team (for people sleeping outside): 403-805-7388 or 403-998-7388.
  2. If you see someone in serious distress or they are non-responsive, make sure you call 911 ASAP.

The DOAP team is also equipped with supplies to help the out people they come across with lunches, socks, toques, gloves. Sometimes we have sleeping bags, and then we also have naloxone kits (if they come across someone in serious need). 

So let’s do our part YYC and make sure we’re really on top of helping out, especially this next little while when it’s extreme conditions.