Huffington Post has Coined “PANGRY” as a Term to Describe Pandemic Anger


I’m sure we’ve all used the word “hangry” to describe ourselves at some point or another in this life. It’s the term for when you’re so hungry that you get mad super easily, turning you into someone who is extremely “hangry”.

I guess we can only believe that this word is so clever, someone has come up with another word along the same lines to describe the kind of anger that can only be induced by the pandemic. Now this anger, I assume, can be any kind of anger… but it mostly alludes to the feeling you have when you see someone disrespecting the rules, not following the guidelines, or inevitably making this very long process even longer than it already has been by not following any of the rules set in place.

I think we’ve all felt at least a little “pangry” during this whole thing. If you’re like me… your “panger” shows up unexpectedly here and there. Mine showed up this morning randomly while trying to do a workout on my living room floor while banging into things and stubbing my toes on weights that just aren’t heavy enough, knowing full well I can’t afford to get ones that will work better. I got so mad I literally audibly yelled… and I didn’t know that word when I woke up this morning but if I had I would’ve screamed “I’M PANGRY”.

This word isn’t in the dictionary or anything (yet) but sometimes it’s easier to feel your feelings to their full potential. So, if you’re sick of it today… or tomorrow… or every day since March (same) – just know that it’s called PANGER. You are pangry, my friend… and that’s okay. That’s okay.

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