If Your Pet Sheds They Could Be Featured In This Commercial!


You and I both know that cleaning up after your pet who sheds a ton is kind of a pain in the tush. BUT what if you could make some cash off that little shag carpet with four legs and a cute tail! There’s a casting call for fluffy pets to be a part of a commercial and what’s the criteria? You just gotta shed...a lot! Apparently Project Casting is looking specifically for owners of Golden Retrievers, Sheep Dogs and Labrador Retrievers to be a part of this commercial which makes a ton of sense because those dogs leave a lot of daily hair clean up! But get this, you don’t just have to be a pooch to get in on this project, if you’re an extra fluffy cat or guinea pig for example you could totally get in on this application process and possibly make some coin!

Now let’s get to the part you’re curious about…the application process! All you have to do is take a quick 15 second video of your furry friend shedding (give some receipts showing how much they actually shed) and if you make the cut for the Bounce Pet Hair Campaign you’ll score a cool $1,200. Pretty simple for something your pet already does, eh!

Now you gotta act fast cause today is the last day to apply, so go make that 15 second video and good luck!

You can apply here!