IKEA Has Started “Takeout Kiosks” So You Can Still Get Your Meatballs in a COVID Friendly Way


This will only be happening at select IKEA locations, but all we can do is hope and pray that they do this at the one at Deerfoot Meadows in Calgary, because this is literally only good news.

As you know, when COVID hit, a lot changed. Many of the things that had to endure the most change from, were things that suddenly because unsanitary and things that were deemed unsafe in the realm of spreading germs to other people. One of the devastating losses that we experiences via coronavirus was the lack of ability to get a cheap easy meal at IKEA.

This is everyone’s favorite tradition, right? Going to IKEA, buying a bunch of stuff you likely couldn’t afford, and then eating some snacks that you CAN afford. The lack of ability to do this has made the whole experience less fun, along with the fact that you more often than not have to wait in a line up to even get into the store. That’s why this announcement is so exciting for so many people!

IKEA has announced they’ll be setting up kiosks post cash register where you can get their staple meals in to go containers to take home with you. This includes their famous Swedish meatballs, fish and chips, and several other meals that you know and love that are only available at everyone’s favorite one stop furniture shop.

Apparently they’re also going to be doing “family meals” with meat balls and veggie balls that will run you between $20-$30 and it’ll feed your whole family… or if you’re like me you’ll buy the family pack and then just eat all of it for yourself because you only live once.

IKEA, we’re more excited about this than you know. PLEASE bring this to Calgary.