IKEA Is Going To Buy Back Your Old Furniture!


The furniture gods have spoken and IKEA wants to give you some dolla dolla bills! IKEA just let us know that they are starting to offer buying back used IKEA furniture for resale, recycling as well as donations for community projects which is pretty flippin’ awesome. Especially because you KNOW how much IKEA furniture you have that you’ve tried to get rid of before on Kijiji and it’s just a different kind of pain in the tush. One of the coolest parts about this is that when you sell your ish back to IKEA they will give you a voucher worth up to 50% of the original price to buy new items for your home. It’s reduce, reuse and recycle at its absolute fines especially in this economy and the current state of the planet, this is a fantastic idea!

It also looks like in the coming year every IKEA store is going to have designated areas where they can sell back their old furniture as well as find some refurbished and repaired furniture. What a great idea that not only helps save the planet but scores us some dollars towards our new style as well. Sounds like all types of wins right there! Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to go to IKEA and score some dollar ice cream.