It Looks Like Post Malone May Be Starting A Beer Pong League!


If you’re like me you have been training for a beer pong league since…forever! With all those college parties, times you played with your pal in their mom’s basement and tournaments you’ve thrown yourself you are READY for a beer pong league. Well look no further cause Post Malone might be coming through for us and creating a beer pong league of his own, "World Pong League." He wants to have pong tourneys, events and competitions! The dude is even going to create merch like cups, tables and even…boxers. No, I didn’t stutter.

Now apparently this is just an IDEA and isn’t 100% in the works yet but man…imagine playing beer pong in a league created by the man who won $50,000 himself  playing pong with Tyla Yaweh. You know it’s gonna be legit! So grab your red solo cup, socially distance partner up, hop in your mom’s basement and get to workin’ on that trick shot!