It Looks Like Stampede WILL Be Happening This Year!


Grab your cowboy hat, deep fried OREO and cold beer because I have some news for you…as of today, Stampede is back and scheduled to run from July 9 to 18! I know it was really heart breaking for so many of us to have no full blown Stampede experience last year HOWEVER the communications manager from Stampede told Daily Hive Calgary that “we remain committed to welcoming our community back safely and are looking forward to July with great hope and optimism." This is definitely some cool news to hear because while we’re all waiting to get back to how life was pre pandemic, looking forward to something is definitely going to lift our spirits, especially something that our city thrives on and looks forward to for not only fun and entertainment but for our economy as well in a safe way!

Now last year was still great in the sense that Stampede really did believe in the motto “the show must go on” because there were still unreal traditions to endure like pancake breakfasts and fireworks to look forward to but apparently Stampede is looking at planning some really great safe experiences for us this year as well as adapting to the changes that they can share closer to July. This is just a testament to how much Stampede means to YYC  because these folks really are doing the most to make sure this tradition lives on in whatever way they can. It’s going to be  exciting to see how all this plays out in a couple months and it’s neat to think that even though life and events have definitely changed we can maybe get back to enjoying a tradition in a socially distanced way!