It's Been 5 Years Since 'The Dress' Debate


People tend to remember where they were during landmark moments in history. Where were you when __________ happened? Well, I have a question for you then.

Where were you when ‘the dress’ happened?

If this was monumental for you like it was for so many others, you know exactly what part of your life you were experiencing at the very moment ‘the dress’ was discovered. 5 years seems like a total exaggeration. Like, how has 5 years possibly passed since the internet was ripped apart by such a massive debacle? There have been others since, but none have matched the level of debate we reached with the original dress, and honestly it doesn’t seem like anything of this nature ever will again.

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about, you must have not been born yet 5 years ago… or maybe you just don’t suffer from a crippling social media addiction. Either way, let me fill you in. 5 years ago, a photo surfaced of a dress in a store.  This dress was put on the internet posed with a question: what color is this dress; black and blue or gold and white? This question quite literally tore the internet into two sides. People were legitimately seeing both. As legend has it, if you look at it for long enough, you can see it morph into the other color.

I don’t want to start this debate again because quite frankly one debate that intense per lifetime is quite enough. I personally see white and gold, and what you see is your choice. Who knows why we see things the way that we see things?

If any lessons can be learned from this, it’s that people on this earth can be very easily divided, so choose carefully what you ask. Happy 5 years!