It's Official...Edibles Have Hit YYC Shelves


I feel like there’s a lot of us who enjoy the occasional or quite frequent puff of the “Devil’s Lettuce” as our good friend Ned Flanders would say. Ever since it’s been legalized, people have been more open about engaging in casual hook ups with Mary Jane. And now that edibles have officially hit shelves as well, you can expect to hear more about those too.

Now these bad boys have been legal since October but Health Canada had to do a 60 day review of the products like gummies, chocolate and mints, teas etc. but we got them a little bit later than the other provinces (guessing that review of products had something to do with it;) ).  Now you might be hella stoked on edibles but something else that might tickle your fancy is that people are saying we can expect different types of edibles in the near future, like beverages. I mean with all this bad crap going on in the world at least there’s one thing we can look forward to…*inserts shrugging emoji.*

Now just a few tips if you’re consuming these and haven’t before, doctors are warning  people who haven’t used cannabis in the past to be careful when they’re using edibles cause damn…that sh*t can getcha (probably not the medical term they used but it’s fine).  They’re also saying that first-time users should start small and wait to feel a little high before ingesting more. AKA “yo don’t eat all this delicious candy because it can make you feel like you’re Winnie the Pooh in The Hundred Acre Forest” is quite possibly what they meant. But who knows.

Oh…and fair warning if you’ve smoked weed before (yes, I’m looking at even you who engineered a carved out fruit apparatus and got a little Cheech and Chong), you might notice some inflation of the cost, but let’s get real, you expected that.

Anyways, if you did ingest edibles before you read this and fell asleep halfway through, I applaud you. For those of you who did not…I salute you. Happy (and safe) ingesting!