Jack Link’s Jerky Has a Hairy Heart Filled with Beef for Your Lover This Valentine’s Day


Well… for those of you who think Valentine’s is super cliché… what do you think about this?

Jack Link’s beef jerky has found a way to make sure that you’re not doing the same cliché heart shaped box of chocolate once again for your lover… or whoever it may be that you’re celebrating Valentine’s day with this year, if anyone!

If the person in your life is someone who would much prefer beef jerky in box form over a box of chocolates, then you are in luck. Honestly, most candies and snacks should come in Valentines form for the vast array of people who don’t enjoy chocolate on a holiday that is basically made of it.

I’m not entirely sure why the box has to be covered top to bottom in hair but I mean to each their own, and it would definitely make for a Valentines gift that nobody is going to forget… for sure.

If you can’t get your hands on one of the beauties, it’s definitely a motivating idea for how to get creative this valentines and it goes to show that you can get a heart shaped box and fill it with absolutely anything and everything and it’ll make it seem a lot more romantic than if the box had been round or square or something old and boring like that.

As we near valentine’s (ALREADY I KNOW) I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor of landing one of these bad boys and if you find one, grab one for me and I’ll pay you back hahaha.

Happy season of love, you little love doctor you.