Jamie Lynn Spears Just Announced a ‘Zoey 101’ Reboot and I Can’t Even


It’s official… 2020 isn’t completely hopeless, and you need to mark October 25th in your calendar ASAP. 

Honestly this year has been super full of ups and downs. The downs being like WAY down, and the ups feeling better than ever in comparison to a lot of the stuff we’ve dealt with while the world has been all Covidy. I know that’s not necessarily a word – but it absolutely should be added to the dictionary.

We did have to miss out on several things as we found our footing in this pandemic, like live sports and concerts, and even the premieres of our favorite shows getting pushed and in some cases even cancelled. So, there’s no feeling like hearing on of your favorite shows is coming back as a reboot, especially when it’s one that you likely thought you’d never be hearing from again.

It’s not completely unheard of for Disney to come back with reboots. ‘Boy Meets World’ did it with their spinoff called ‘Girl Meets World’ and the plot was Corey and Topanga as parents. Obviously many of us preferred the original, but we still got a kick out of it.

Now they’re saying there’s going to be a reboot of ZOEY 101. WHAT?! I know. It’s supposed to come out on October 25th (SO SOON) and a ton of members of the original cast are set to star in it, including Jamie Lynn Spears of course. As a lead up to the show release, a new song will be coming as well that is apparently produced by Britney Spears. It’s called ‘Follow Me’ and is set to come out this Thursday (October 22 2020).

Who knows if this will be anything like the original, or  if we’ve maybe outgrown the premise all together...but in a year and a season that makes things to look forward to all the more exciting, this is big news.