Jason Momoa Is Playing Frosty The Snowman In A Live Action Remake And None Of Us Know How To Feel


2020 just keeps throwing us curveballs and it's not stopping anytime soon...did ya hear? Jason Momoa *smiles even reading his name* is set to play FROSTY THE SNOWMAN (!?) in a new live action remake of the classic x-mas tale...it's okay if you're wondering what the hell is going on because alot opf people agree haha. 

So far, there aren't too many details about the movie so maybe this is just speculation, but I can tell you that it's being produced by Warner Bros. and Stampede Ventures, and David Berenbaum, the screenwriter of Elf is responsible for the script. so it will be funny!

Just curious how weird it is to now be slightly attracted to frosty?

asking for a friend...