Jill Biden Decorated the Front Lawn of the White House with Hopeful Valentines Messages


We’ve seen a ton of political headlines over the past couple of weeks. Heck, we’ve seen a ton of political headlines over the past month, the past year… the past 4 years. Just, so so so many. It gives me serious pleasure to be writing a political headline that does not involve Kanye West running for president, or a riot of any kind. This one is whole heartedly pure. That’s the kind of vibe we need right now…

Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, did a little craft to bring some joy to the headlines for Valentine’s day and beyond, by making some ‘candy hearts’ for the front lawn of the white house to spread some positivity that is more needed now than ever before amidst all of the chaos that is our everyday world.

The messages were messages of hope leading into Valentine’s day, and this is the best thing I’ve heard about the white house in God knows how long, do you feel me? The thing is, no matter where you stand on the topic, you see something like this happen and realize the pure kindness it takes from a human heart to take the time to do this, and it makes you feel nothing buy joy.

I love this story for many reasons, and I hope it makes you feel as happy as it makes me feel. Jill Biden, you’re good people. We dig it.