Jollibee Is Going to Open a Location Inside of Cross Iron Mills


Aw man, Calgary sure does love Jollibee, don’t we?!

When the first location opened up, it felt like people were lined up for blocks on blocks on blocks trying to weasel their way in to get some fried chicken and spaghetti. I know, weird combo, but people go crazy for it so it literally must be good, right?

If you’re anything like me, you looooove food, but you vowed to hang tight until the lines died down for Jollibee and now you haven’t even tried it yet somehow, which is bizarre right?!

Calgary is now about to open ANOTHER location and it’s going to be in the mall at Cross Iron Mills. So, you know what this means right? This means that two of the greatest things of all time are being combined… retail therapy and fried chicken. I literally can’t.

We can only hope that sooner than later, indoor dining opens up again so we can go to the mall and thoroughly enjoy the food court experience instead of having to take it to go and eat it in our car on the way home, do you know what I mean?

In conclusion, if you’re anything like me… and you STILL haven’t tried Jollibee, you literally have no excuses left. There’s about to be too many locations in this city for there to be any kind of viable excuse as to why you haven’t allowed the goodness of Jollibee Fried Chicken to enter your mind body and soul.