KFC Has Teamed Up With Crocs Again But This Time They’re Scented


I think in 2020, the word bizarre has a different meaning than ever before. Like, it’s almost hard to look at a pair of Crocs with chicken on them and think “oh that’s weird”. The first time KFC ever teamed up with Crocs, I think many of us thought “well that’s the strangest thing EVER”. But, after something like coronavirus, or a worldwide pandemic, or just this year as a whole in general, nothing basic that was once strange can ever be considered strange again. There is one aspect of these shoes, though, that you may be able to agree is super uncomfortable.

Crocs are like, the most versatile shoe of all time. You can slip them on in any occasion (almost). They come in all different kinds of colors and styles and shapes and they’re decently affordable. They also last forever. So KFC choosing Crocs as the shoe they want to collaborate with doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. They’re a great shoe. The kicker here… is that the KFC Crocs are actually scented. Like, they have little drumsticks (yes, they’re 3D) on the hood of the shoes, and if the rumors are true… the drumsticks are scented like the actual fried chicken.

I don’t want to gross you out or anything, but this may not be the worst thing in the world. I feel like we all have that one friend whose feet smell 24/7. So, if you give someone with a tendency to not have the cleanest feet a pair of Crocs that come suited up with the delicious aroma of the world renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken, it may take away from the smell of their feet.

Okay, this is a gross way to describe this. I’ll stop. But if this is something that intrigues you… you can get your hands on these bad boys now.