KFC’s Famous Chicken Sandwich Is Now In Canada and It Looks Perfect


Honestly if you’re like me, and you like food even nearly as much as I do, you’ll be stoked to hear about this. Often my friends will be like “no one likes food as much as you do” and honestly sometimes I feel that may be true, but just in case you’re a brother from another mother or a sister from another mister who loves food as much as I do… take notes, because dinner tonight is officially planned babe.

I mean, sometimes when you’re on a health kick or watching what you eat after a big summer of shenanigans, KFC doesn’t usually fall into the lap of your meal plans… but the pictures of this chicken burger are too freaking good to ignore. Like, looking at this makes my mouth water. If you’re vegan or vegetarian though, I do excuse you from this narrative and apologize for not being more inclusive.

Though Canada is the best place to live in the history of ever, sometimes we get the short end of the stick when it comes to the releases of news foods. Like you’ll see new oreo flavors and get super stoked until you realize that they’re only available if you go to the states and sometimes we don’t want to have to drive to Montana to try a fun new food, right?

Lucky for us, your local KFC has your back with this one, and their ‘Famous Chicken Sandwich’ is available for purchase right here in Canada. I know, this news is almost too good. I’ll let you check out the pictures and teeter totter on whether or not you’re going to allow yourself this tasty treat while it’s still available… but if I can give you any good advice right now, it’s eat the burger. Look at it.

It would be rude not to.