Kim K Gives Us A Tour Of Her Fridge To Clap Back At Trolls


Life must be rough as a Kardashian. I mean you have to constantly defend yourself from trolls then remind them that you’re HELLA loaded and will put them in their place if they question that. This brings me to the latest Kardashian debacle where people questioned the contents of her fridge. Kim K took a photo in front of her fridge that looked kind of empty the other day so the internet did what the internet does and went WILD about how bare it was and was so curious about how she feed her family with an empty fridge like that. (Guys…she’s loaded …the kids probably each have their own personal chef). Which brings us to Kim K’s clap back.

(the so called empty fridge)

Kim wasn’t letting these trolls mess with her family, ergo she put all of us in our place showing off her massive walk in fridge (most of us can’t even afford a place with a walk in closet) and her other fridges, yeah…I put an “s” on the end of it cause it’s plural, I didn’t stutter.  That family has multiple fridges and the one that she took a photo in front of was the fridge solely for different types of milks and fresh juices. Kim then goes on to show us all of her organic vegetables and fruits, industrial kitchen, massive full pantry, frozen yogurt machine and her glass jars she uses to hold food storage, showing us she doesn’t use plastic. OKAY KIM, WE GET IT. We won’t say anything about you or your family anymore because you’ll just flex all of your excessive storage and multiple different kinds of milk upon us. Sorry.