Last Night A Man Used A Racial Slur While Spitting On A Couple Long Boarding

long boarding

Last night a video was posted of a couple longboarding through a park here in Calgary. In the video you see a cyclist ride past them as he spits on the person longboarding in the video. Not only does he spit at her, he also uses a racial slur when doing so. Earlier this morning I watched this video and knew I needed to talk about it. The cyclist has been identified and was apparently a former employee of U Of C. The Calgary police also say charges are pending against the person identified in this awful video. I’m going to be honest I spent hours trying to find words to describe what I just saw. First this is absolutely awful and I want to send my love to Jessica and her boyfriend. I’m sorry that this happened to you. Seeing this man spit on her and use that racial slur brought back way too many bad memories, sadly this is not the first time I’ve heard these words. Growing up there were many times these words were also used against me and my friends. I can remember many days coming home crying having to ask my Dad what these words meant. Racism is alive and well. The reason these videos can be shocking is because many people believe racism doesn’t exist here or anywhere near them. This video is a very disturbing reminder that it does. Yes this was a terrible thing that happened but the support that came from the community is incredible. In less than 24 hours they helped Jessica identify this person and helped her send that information to the police. This is why Calgary is one of the best cities in the world. I have never once felt scared or worried in this city. When one of us is down we help pick each other up. We still have lots of work to do. Watch this video, talk about it, find out how you can help out and most importantly don’t stop the conversation. Jessica you are loved.