LEGO Is Now Making Wall Art Kits Geared Toward Adults


If you’re anything like me, your favorite thing about being a grown up, or one of them anyway, is your ability to have control over your own space, and being able to decorate it whichever way you want. From the very first time your parents let you have a say, or from your very first dorm room, this whole “cute décor” thing peaked your interest. It probably didn’t take you long to find out how quickly your hard earned adult money was going to be spent on weird little overpriced trinkets and paintings for your space. Totally worth it, though. This was proven especially when the world went into quarantine mode and we had to spend an excessive amount of time at home. This is the moment when all of our cute décor came most in handy, isn’t it?

Anyway, my point is… Lego is making it even easier to make your place cute, while keeping yourself distracted at the same time. They’ve come out with something that’s geared towards adults, which is such a dream come true on its own. They’ve created these really cool kits where you can recreate album covers, or make photos of your fav movie characters or icons in general. It’s kind of like doing a puzzle and then framing it, but it’s cooler cause it’s LEGO.

The only reason in the entire universe that I’m not okay with this, is because Lego as a kid was awesome because your parents would pick up all the extra pieces and you could avoid stepping on them and screaming at the top of your lungs, whereas now you’ll have to actually be responsible and clean it up yourself... Because I must say, there were many things I wanted to be when I grow up, and stepping on Lego isn’t one of them.