Hey babes! Today is Friday so you know what that means…we got another Local Feature Friday coming in HAWT! Today’s artist is someone from YYC who has wicked catchy songs, unreal vibes and just exudes confidence through her music, James Colt. I just recently came across James Colt when scrolling through 10 at 10- a local Calgary Instagram account that does a ton for promoting and features local Alberta artists. I was so stoked when I heard a lil snippet of her track Did You Mean It, so naturally I had to do a deep dive and scope out more of her music…but not after listening to the Did You Mean it on repeat a couple times because it’s just a whole flippin’ vibe! Now lemme tell you a bit of what you’re gonna get when you listen to James Colt…it’s gonna be a bit of rap, some vibey hip-hop moments, and a splash of emotionally charged lyricism all wrapped into one incredibly awesome package. James Colt is definitely someone you’ll want to keep your eye on. Oh and did I mention, she just dropped a new track called 2u. If you wanna check out James Colt you can do that HURRR and trust me when I say you’re going to listen to Did You Mean It at least 3 times in a row, issa BOP!