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Calgary, what’s goin’ on?! How’s your Feel Good Friday so far? It’s been a bit of a week, eh? So let’s release some of that stress and just focus on some unreal talent here in Calgary. Kaeyae Alo is an absolute GODDESS among goddesses. If you have yet to hear this girl open her mouth and let the words flow off her vocal chords then you’ve been sleeping. I was trying to look for the right words to describe her sound but then saw that a Raya Anderton commented on one of her recent FB posts saying “your voice is the middle of a venn diagram between angelic and buttery” and if there ever was a nail on the head type statement, THAT was it. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Kaeyae and can say that not only does she have this immaculate, warm and kind vibe to her voice, she has the personality to match. I know we’re all itching to get back to watching live music and preforming as artists but man…Unfortunately I never had the chance to see Kaeyae preform and she is definitely one of the top ones on my list to see when this pandemonium (yes we’re calling it that today) subsides because this girls pipes are just incredible. If you wanna scope more of Kaeyae Alo’s music you can do so HERE!