YYC! After a little hiatus (aka your girl took some vacation time because she needed a long NAP) we’re back with our Local Feature Friday and today’s is a local Calgary artist who is a ridiculously talented R&B/ hop hop artist who has been pushing out banger after banger. His latest single, SPACESHIP dropped about a month ago and it came with a masterpiece of a music video. Between the track, storyline and visuals for this track, SPACESHIP, will definitely make you want to start diving into Kayam’s music if you haven’t already. Now I’m about to hit you with a “if you don’t know now you know moment” cause Kayam actually opened for Roy Wood$ a few weeks ago during Stampede. If that’s not bad a** I’m not sure what is. Make sure you go check out his music HERE and don’t forget you can also catch him on social media!