A Dancepop Gladiator that you don’t want to sleep on this Local Feature Friday, Reid Zakos! Friend if heartbreak, empowerment, positivity and concepts like manifestation are up your alley you will definitely want to listen to Reid Zakos’ music. Reid serves you 80’s vibes while giving us a really great queer experience listening to their music. In Zakos’ single, “A World of Yes," you get a taste of how it was for Reid Zakos growing up as a part of the LGBTQ+ community and it’s definitely a single you’ll want to take a listen to. Growing up here in YYC, Reid was surrounded by jazz music from family members and even started writing music at 11! As an out and proud queer artist, unfortunately Reid dealt with a lot of bullying growing up but used his creativity and talents as an outlet. Take a listen for yourself, YYC and meet Reid Zakos!