YYC! What’s good?! It’s the end of the week, it’s gorgeous out and we’re about to scope out another local artist who is slaying the game right now, so let’s get into this Local Feature Friday and brace our ears for impact cause when Sevan Mattar hits you know it won’t miss! This guy is only 23 years young, been in the hip hop game for a hot minute and has recently released his new single, Real Good. Sevan might be young in age but man…this dude is mad wise beyond his years. The way that he can create a story into a song and give you the visuals in your head to match that is ridiculous. He’s the kind of artist who is very meticulous with his music because he knows it can make a difference. In his new album he speaks a lot to his mental health struggles because as Sevan said “I need everyone to know what I go through and what made me who I am today because it might help them with what they’re going though.” Now friend THAT is an artist who truly cares about the impact he could make on someone else. Love that!

If you want to scope out any of Sevan’s music you can scope him here!