YYC you KNOW we have an unreal amount of talent in this city, it’s ridiculous. Artists from all different genres with the most immaculate vibes so this is the spot where we feature them and you know we cannot talk about immaculate vibes and not bring up Sinzere’s name. Sinzere is a rap/soul artist from right here in Calgary who has mad flow and brings an extreme amount of purpose to her work. If you listen to Sinzere’s lyrics you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You can hear how tactical Sinzere in with her artistry and how authentically herself she is. From poetry, to dancing and DJing to where Sinzere is now, the amount of growth, success and versatility you can see she has is truly astounding. She has multiple successes under her belt inclusive of headlining multiple shows, dropping tons of singles and EP’s as well as being featured on The Block on CBC next to so many other talented artists. Trust me when I say Sinzere is one you’re gonna wanna watch out for. If you haven’t heard Sinzere do yourself a favor and change that ASAP!