Friend! After a couple weeks off (from holidays where I may or may not have indulged in too much delicious food and cold bevs) we’re back with our Local Feature Friday. Today we’re giving some love to a band that I saw preforming for the first time a couple years ago on 17th ave in the plaza and oh man…did they absolutely SMASH it! The Rondel Roberts Band is a group who has some of the most talented musicians in YYC for sure. They play the kind of music that is just easy to get up and dance to and when they hit their Reggae/ Dancehall beats you know its game on. They dropped their debut single in February and you can check it out HERE! If you wanna scope these guys live (trust me you’re missing out if you haven’t) you gotta follow their Instagram to check out the show dates that they’ll be releasing when that time comes.