Lorde Delays Album Because Her Dog Passed Away.


Lorde has delayed her next album. The silver lining in this news is that Lorde has a new album on the way. The bad news is that she is delaying her album because her dog Pearl has passed away. Not only is Pearl her dog but also one of her great friends. Sometimes you find it hard to relate to celebrities but we have all lost a post that we loved. She was saying that Pearl was helping her get into a good mindset for the album and now she just can’t make the same music at the moment. Lorde take all the time you need. We have all been there and understand the pain. When you lose your best friend the last thing you want to do is work. Think that’s something we forget when it comes to musicians. Them making music is work. It pays the bills and it’s their career. So would we take a sick day? Of course, so of course it’s only fair that we allow her to take all the time she needs to get better. Pearl might be gone but his spirit lives on. Lorde has been in the spot light since she was a teenager. When “Royals” made her one of the biggest singers of this generation she was only 16 years old. Can’t imagine what it’s like to grow up famous. To have the entire world waiting for you to release new music, when we were the same age we were asking our teachers for an extension on the essay. We need to remind ourselves that celebrities are just like us. So when they need to take time to get better we need to give them the time that we would take. Lorde we are here for you and we hope you feel better soon.