Machine Gun Kelly And Mod Sun Just Dropped A Cinematic MASTERPIECE!


Friend. If you are a big pop punk fan like myself or just a big music nerd in general I’m going to need you to do yourself a favor and watch Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun’s film/ music video ‘Downfalls High.’ My friend knows how much I love MGK’s new album, Tickets to My Downfall so they asked me if I’d seen the cinematic masterpiece that he put out for the album. I have NO clue how this mini film isn’t getting more attention but holy crap… it is FUEGO. Not only did MGK take a genre of music that has been fading off the scene in popularity for a minute now but he came in bottom of the 9th with bases full and hit an absolute home run with this production. And honestly, if you aren’t super keen on pop punk music, MGK or nerd out about music videos like me and some others, you will at least be able to appreciate the story line for this masterpiece. MGK goes through the entire album in sequence and pieces together each song with a story line that follows a high school outcast and popular girl played by Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeney. It is honestly brilliant and I can’t rave about this video enough. It is 49 minutes but feels like you watch it all in 15 and could honestly be a great plot for a 1.5 hour film. I have never seen anyone do a music video quite like this and if anything it really sets the bar for future music videos. It really is that great. But don’t let me tell you, press play for yourself and let the magic unfold. OH! And if you have Google Chromecast or YouTube on your TV I would recommend watching it there and not on your phone screen cause it simply won’t do it justice. You’re welcome in advance. Now what are you doing…GO WATCH DOWNFALLS HIGH!